It’s the weekend so there are almost no cars in the parking lot; is it lame that I got so excited that I’d finally be able to make a near perfect diagonal to minimize the steps required to get from my entrance to the exit?

Heading to the nice patch of grass in front of the newly remodeled Hershey Hall because it’s secluded from the street but surrounded by the botanical gardens. To tan. And read my Kindle. Happy Sunday!

I can feel more than ever the drain of energy in my day to day life – I suppose it’s way overdue that I finish my extended career as a full time student. This summer should be good, as I’ll be working in research as if it’s a full time job. Its necessary, I think, if I want to finish my project by the end of September. After that, one more quarter/two more classes until my graduation requirements are fulfilled!

After that, the direction in which I’ll be headed is undecided. While I work this summer, I’ll apply to as many jobs as i can find and see where that takes me.

well i had prepared a post with photos documenting the process i went through to make the stamps for my sister’s wedding place cards, but stupid me deleted the photos by accident from my SD card so screw that, i’m pissed at technology fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

so i leave you with this instagram photo from my phone

egg drop

I forgot to mention that at CHAMPs last weekend, we had an egg drop competition. I made my own structure because we had extra sets of materials and I’m proud to say that my egg survived the one story drop! Granted, the structure was destroyed, but we modeled the requirements as a spaceship landing so I think that’s totally acceptable. I’ve never participated in an egg drop competition before so it was exciting and I’m glad my egg didn’t break because there was so much pressure (“She’s a mechanical engineering graduate student!”) etc etc

calteach week 5

I brought my new postal scale to Calteach today on a whim, which was good because Lynn (NSF GK12) was having trouble setting up her demonstration and so Kevin Paulsen (the teacher) had me give an impromptu presentation to stall the kids. After class, he and Lynn tod me that I did a really good job. Kevin said that it takes three things to be a good teacher: knowledge (“which you have, UCLA grad”), a connection to the kids (“which you demonstrate from your interactions with them”) and presence. He told be that I have a huge presence (even though I’m small) such that the kids know to listen when I talk, and pay attention, etc. He said that if I went into teaching, that would be my strongest trait because nobody would ever want/tell me to leave. Paulsen said to really consider teaching because I could go far with it.

Also when Lynn was having issues with her experiment (reaction times vs concentrations) I suggested diluting the concentration she knew worked (0.1 M) into the two lesser concentrations that were giving us trouble (0.05 and 0.02 M) so then the demonstration would be sure to make sense and not trip out. Originally the three concentrations of the same solution came from three different sources, and weren’t in agreement. She didn’t seen to understand at first but when I explained it more clearly she was so surprised and seemed to think it was genius.