bicep update

Lol @ not blogging here for two months. Happy 2017! Stan says my bicep looked big when I flexed it, so I measured it. 27cm. That’s 1 cm more in circumference than March 2013, but three years is forever. Who knows if the gain is muscular or FAT.

In related news, I started going to the gym with a personal trainer – I have 8 sessions courtesy of Thumbtack. I told him I wanted to do 1 pullup and hammer curls with 20 lb dumbbells, so we’ve basically been doing a whole lot of arm day. Maybe someday soon I can do a pullup!!! How exciting.

In other other news, I have small love handles :( Too much eating and getting older. Better watch out…

In other other other news, going to Hawaii soon with Stanley!! Excited to do more eating lol. Too bad, no bikini life for me. But you know, I’m mostly ok with this.


Stand at the top of your mat, feet hips width apart or toes touching heels slightly separated. Keeping your back flat, fold forward, allowing your knees to bend deeply until your chest rests on your quads. Clasp opposite elbows. Relax your neck. Imagine a string pulling the crown of your head toward the ground in front of your feet. Keeping this imaginary string taut, on your inhale bring strength into your legs and straighten just a bit. Exhale back out a little bit. Inhale move legs toward straight (tailbone toward the sky), exhale back out a little bit. Repeat dynamic movement for 2 more breaths. Next inhale straighten legs as much as possible without releasing the connection between chest and legs, hold here for 4 breaths, and exhale release.

From high plank pose – shoulders active, rhomboid muscles lifting the upper bank, legs straight and abs engaged – 10 slow breaths. Exhale lift the hips come into downward facing dog, keeping hands and feet where they are. Hands and feet all pressing into the mat strongly, back flat (knees bent and feet apart if needed). 4 breaths here. On your next inhale, walk the hands just one palm’s length toward you, exhale lengthen the back and press your heels toward the ground. Inhale again bring your hands one palm’s length toward your feet, exhale straighten the back, stretch the shoulders. Continue a few more breaths (or not) until back becomes rounded with palms pressing into the ground. Now lengthening the downward facing dog: Inhale walk the palms toward the top of the mat, exhale “down dog.” Repeat until back in a standard down dog length, come forward into plank pose to check position of hands and feet, then back into down dog. Slowly release your knees to the mat, sit back onto your heels and come into child’s pose.

since october…

Last post was almost three months ago. That’s a quarter of a year! Man I am behind on things or accidentally re-prioritizing my life. Hmmmmmm

Unhappy things that happened:

  • Pimples happened, on my face. Not cool. I’ve been looking for a skin care regime that’ll return my face to it’s past lazy-glory, but it’s been struggles. Currently using a lot of Murad products. On the bright side, now I’m a Sephora VIB?
  • My knee still hurts. Very likely because I ran that half marathon without finishing the training program… and then subsequently didn’t rest afterwards. I put my yoga membership at East West Yoga on pause for a month, tried to go back to a class but it was no bueno, and put it back on hold. I’m hoping it’ll be better in another month of full rest.
  • Stanley and I put an offer on a house in October (Sunol) but were rejected. In hindsight, we are very glad we got rejected because it was definitely overpriced!
  • I guess this is more neutral, but I started work again lol. Which means no more daily bumming. But work is also good because it means I get dollars. So not a real unhappy thing here.
  • The French Laundry was not a mind blowing best experience ever. Majorly disappointing.
  • Lol a pseudo-sad thing is that I no longer have lots of free time to write Yelp reviews on the daily.

Happy things that happened:

  • Stanley and I got engaged! At aforementioned The French Laundry. Yay!
  • Butter City is still happening. With the single exception of post-after new years… because I ran out of scheduled posts by accident.
  • I went to NY and got myself a nice birthday present. You know. And got to see Emili and Phyllis and Stacey :)
  • Extended Lee family reunion at Thanksgiving in Cupertino. Stanley and I successfully fed like 14 adults with a turkey and multiple sides and desserts. It was easier than I expected, partly because we had access to two ovens (downstairs common room + upstairs kitchen).
  • We put another offer on a house in December and now we are waiting to close tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!


Today’s my last day of work!! I’ve been here for 2.5 years and learned a lot about what’s important to me in a career. I think MiaSole was a good starting point for me, and no real qualms about the experience. In the end, it just comes down to Hanergy and how I don’t trust and believe in the Chairman to have clear goals. Oh well, nothing to be done about that.

Here’s a list of things for me to do while between jobs – I’m taking off a few weeks and starting the new gig on Nov 9th :)

  1. Make this
  2. Also make lemon meringue tarts for Je
  3. Attempt a Sara Lee poundcake copycat recipe
  4. Go to LA and eat at some new restaurants as well as old favorites
  5. Camping at Joshua tree!
  6. Camping at Big Sur!
  7. Do some short hikes or walks with Linus
  8. Paint something with a real life reference…?
  9. Go to NY and get inked (!!)
  10. Go to Napa and eat at The French Laundry!!!
  11. House hunt…?
  12. ???