Last weekend my family and I drove up to Vancouver from Seattle. It took about three hours to get there, including the half hour wait at the border crossing.

We spent a total of three nights and three days in the city, which I thought was probably a little bit too much time. The first day, we wandered downtown, checking out Canada Place and Gastown in the morning. We ate at Salt, which was a chacuterie and cheesery. The entrance to the place was a sketchy alley, but it was definitely a cool place to experience.

In the afternoon, the weather cleared up so we headed to Stanley Park. A lot of this trip felt like chasing the sunset, since so far north dusk started around 4pm. But it was nice to catch so many sunsets; I only wish we could’ve taken our time observing them. And that it was less cold.

The second day we headed out to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Definitely my favorite part of the trip. Even though the weather was gloomy and overcast, the forest really seemed to thrive in the wet weather, and I was amazing with the smells and atmosphere. I got some great portraits of my family on the bridge :)

After Capilano, we had lunch in downtown at The Keg, a steakhouse, then we headed to Richmond. I convinced my family to take a detour to check out the Gulf of Georgia, which was just a vista point on the coast. It was a really nice view but the winds were so strong near the ocean!! This shot was from Garry Point Park. On our way back to downtown we stopped by Granville Island to eat at Twisted Fork, which was a delicious, tiny French bistro. Hat tip again to Yelp :)

Using my camera so much during the trip made me really excited to start my 365. I also realized that I seriously need to get my sensor cleaned, or at least get a hurricane dust blower for when I change lenses. I also really loved using Yelp internationally, and was super happy to try so many well reviewed restaurants. Now that the trip’s over, it’s time to pay for all those impromptu desserts with hours on the stationary bike…

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