Every Tuesday, I am almost guaranteed to think the following two things to myself when it’s time for my Enbrel injection:

“It’s Tuesday already?”
“This definitely hurts more than last time.”

I don’t need to remember which leg I’m on because I just pick the one that’s not yet bruised/has just healed.

My first Volunteer Day today. I’m not interested in doing this again. I think the entire shebang is a plot for UCLA to maintain it’s #1 in community service ranking. The incoming freshmen weren’t excited or interested in doing service, just in getting it over with (which is understandable because it’s a mandatory event for them). It wasn’t well organized. I didn’t have fun.

On the plus side, I met a fellow mechanical engineering Master’s student (in MEMS) who told me that taking three classes + a bit of research isn’t crazy. Especially with one of my classes being 281 with CJ. No problem! I’m totally ready for fall quarter :)

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