spocom 2011

I went to Spocom (Sports Compact?) in Anaheim with Stanley and his brother Justin last weekend. Basically it was a car show/convention with various vendors and lots of cars and… that’s it. I took a bunch of pictures despite not really knowing much about what was there, but I like the way some of them look so here they are!

Pretty green A3 :)


Some fancy pants green car that has been featured in a bunch of magazines. So I took a picture of the owner… in the car! Hyukyukyuk.

Lots of R35s! But non of them were pretty. So whatever.

Stanley giving some poster girl support. LOL.

I thought this matte red car (GTR?) was awesome when I first saw it but then turns out it’s just a skin :( Dislike. (SP Engineering business card, lol.)

I really liked this grey Evo X hatch. Dream car? But I can’t decide whether the hatch or regular is prettier.

I just thought it was cool that they took off the wheels to display the breaks on the cars, lol.

Midnight purple R35!

Same Evo X hatch as before.


Yeah so I saw this and thought it was very wtf. Does this really help with streamlines and stuff? I would think it just creates unnecessary vortices…

I like this dark grey!

Engines remind me of MAE 157. Even though I understand how the engines work better from that class, I have no idea what happens after that. Transmission, what?

Grey Silvia!!! Pretty grey.

Some old Datsun I was barely able to get a shot of while I walked by. But it turned out really well. One of my favorite shots of the day.

This crazy chick was definitely taking off her pants. Not like they were more than underwear anyway… Where do they buy these “clothes”?

Old 911 (?) Porsche. Super cute.

This was the most ridiculous car I saw the entire day. Totally useless. And there weren’t even any seats, just speakers.

I don’t know what this is, but I want it.

Another midnight purple something.

Silvia with unmatching rims!

There was a table of nearly naked chicks, selling and taking pictures with dudes of all ages. Caught this perfect shot of some chick’s cleavage by chance.

Super clean E36? E30?

The end :)

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