language fail

I dreamt that Stanley and I were at Sprinkles, and the secret thing to get a free cupcake of our choice was to “wet the top” which was to lick the to of a cupcake. We did it and I got four cupcakes total and a frosting shot. Don’t remember the flavors.

Then I was in Japan with Ian and some others and we were running away from something. I was told to pull out my back teeth (molars) to fake my death or something. It didn’t hurt but I kept my tooth in pieces in my jacket pocket. We ran away from our motel and went to a restaurant to hide but I was bored so I decided to under cover be a waitress. I couldn’t take peoples’ orders because I can’t read/write Chinese and the kitchen got mad because people were ordering things they didn’t have the ingredients of, and so I resorted to asking people simple questions like “mushrooms, beef or chicken? Soup, rice, noodles, or stirfry?” And then making a dish up with the right instructions.

And then we were spotted so we ran away to look for a place to stay, except now I was with Stan again. We were waiting for Layla who was joining us later. I found a place that was a loft on top of a boba place that was cheap (325 mystery units) that could barely fit three of us but we took it because it was in an alleyway and hidden.

And then I woke up.

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