If I remember correctly, commencer means “to start” in French. J’ai commencé :)

After graduation, my family headed down to meet the new baby of the family, Amara.

This baby is ridiculous and tiny in every way. Tiny feet. Tiny nose. Tiny ears. SO CUTE. As I was taking pictures, she totally started spacing out while looking right into the camera. It was great. :) I cannot wait to see this baby grow up! Her birth makes me an aunty-of-sorts, so I get to spoil as much as I want…right?

After a few days of relaxing in LA, Stanley and I headed up to Seattle to visit my family and see the sights a bit. The main mission of the trip was to take engagement photos for my sister and her fiancé (that makes deux e avec des accents aigus). Seattle surprised us in a good/bad way by being sunny the day we took pictures, but we still got a couple of nice shots despite the harsh lighting. It was my second commission-type photo shoot, and I realize now that even if a photographer has the skills to capture a moment, it takes a whole other skill to encourage those moments to happen during the shoot.

We ate so much delicious seafood in Seattle, but I’m glad to take a break from all the restaurant food. Kind of.

Stanley took this shot of me while the four of us were heading out to brunch at Capitol Hill in Seattle (at Sitka & Spruce, and I like it. Lately I’ve been spending so much time behind the camera that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in front on it. There’s something so mysterious and fantastic about staying behind the lens though, that I barely think (read: slight cringe at the thought) of being in pictures these days.

On another note, I’m cleaning and packing up my room for the impending move to the apartment next door. I have surprisingly less stuff than I expected, and I’ve been doing a relatively good job this year of organizing things into smaller boxes to be neat. But still, twenty pairs of shoes is a lot.

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