A few weeks ago, I went on a spontaneous trip to Athens with my family. When I booked the flight, my single class was not too busy, and my research was a bit slow, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem to skip a week of everything. Unfortunately, as the trip grew closer, our robot project was consuming more time for my group and myself, and more was to be done for my research. This made me feel a bit reluctant in going and guilty throughout the trip, which was :( at first. Still, when I got back and things went back to normal after a few weeks, I realized that the trip was nice and I’m lucky to have visited.

Our hotel was near Astir beach, a little while from Athens city but very close to the ocean and pretty. This is the view from my sister’s and my room!

My sister and I took a bunch of pictures on the beach (of course) :) Too bad the water was crazy cold and I couldn’t keep a straight face!

This is the view of the Temple of Zeus from the Parthenon. We didn’t get a chance to go, but I wish we had. The Parthenon was kind of disappointing because it was crowded and under construction (with sand colored cranes?) and it just threw off the entire feel of the place. So sad.

Gyros! They were not as delicious as I’ve had in the US (????) but still pretty good. More real, I suppose.

We took a day trip to Delphi, which was really great. Highly recommend you go if you’re in the area! The ruins were pretty much left alone and the story behind the place is fantastic. The architecture ande engineering behind the walls and everything was really cool!

On one of our last days, we went to visit the Lake Vouliagmeni (Sunken Lake) that was just a few minutes from our hotel. The lake is warm year round (ranging from 24-27 deg C) and holds salty water, so it supposedly has healing properties for things like… RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS! So we went to the lake and swam around in the warm water (there was a warm cave!) and hoped to heal me but… alas, no healing powers :( Still, it was a really fun experience to swim with fish and seaweed in ocean-like water that wasn’t freezing. Best. Plus this cute cat though I was its best friend :) So I took his portrait.

On our last day, we took a trip to the Temple of Poseidon. It was built next to the ocean so the air was fresh and it was relatively empty and not too touristy. Plus, I’m Poseidon, so *thumbs up*.

The view of the open ocean from the Temple of Poseidon!

The best part of the trip for SURE was spending time with my sister :) We got to hang out and talk and I’ve missed her a lot. Hopefully she visits me a lot next year when I’m living in LA! <3

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