I was with Heather and we decided to go get some dairy-free ice cream from Millions of Milkshakes, so we went, but when we got there, she turned into Angie. I ordered my dairy-free ice cream from the guy with the hat but then he said they weren’t serving ice cream “because of the Lakers.” So I told him that I’d get a shake made out of dairy-free ice cream and mangos and something purple so that it would be the colors of the Lakers and he would make it for me. So he said okay and he put the stuff together into a blender but then I said I didn’t want it blended. Like a smoothie, but not blended, because I just wanted to eat the dairy-free ice cream part. So then I got it and Angie left really fast and turned the corner and then we were in a mall. And she went upstairs two floors to this jewelry store and I asked her why she ran so fast. She said she wanted to look at these earrings that she really wanted. And then I was like, “Oh, I have earrings like that” but when I showed her, they looked totally different and not like that at all. And then we left and we went down via the escalator (actually we went up) except I was going down the up and she was going up the up. And I saw Ivy! And I yelled her name and she yelled my name and then I asked her how long she would be around and I don’t remember what she said. And then I woke up.

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