typographic growth

One of the websites that I check daily on my Google reader is ilovetypography.com (iLT). Although I never studied typography or fonts formally, I developed in interest with them alongside webdesign, as they often go hand in hand (especially in this digital day and age). Today’s blog about vertical heights is definitely a good starting point for anybody who wants to foster an interest in typography. I’ve read a few snippets about type terms/usage before, but nothing too serious, so as a reference, I definitely found iLT’s “Inconspicuous Vertical Metrics” blog to be informative and interesting. Blogger Alec Julien put together lots of comparisons to exemplify the different terms, too, so everything’s super applicable.

As for other type-blogs, I’ve found Death by Kerning to be an often-updated one worthy of RSS. If anybody knows any other quick online references/tutorials for other typographic elements or font blogs, please share!

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