Now that summer has started, I’ve been checking my Google Reader much more often and compulsively. I’ve been surfing design blogs and came across Public School, a group based in Austin, Texas. From what I gather, they’re really into print-based media (posters!) and have a really cute logo that I was tempted to buy, just because I have public school pride. (Yeah, so what if I went to a private high school for two years?) I added them to my RSS feed a few days ago, via which I chanced upon this really beautiful illustration by Álvaro Domínguez Gámez. Unfortunately, I can’t read his blog (it’s in Spanish), so I can’t tell you more. Just that his style is full of puns and simplicity – I especially love the facial profiles and universal imagery :]

From what I can gather (read: my very limited vocabulary skillset), it’s called Flood (Inundacion). The spot coloring and textures make me want to frame it and put it somewhere where I can look at it all the time. Alas, the best I can do is make it my desktop background…

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