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I’ve had a handful of links in my blog drafts waiting for me to blog about them, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it. So just to share without elaborating much:

1. Last year, I remember glancing at an interview on Typographica with designer Cyrus Highsmith. Read up about him here because he’s awesome. (Sources: and iLT.)

2. Iamakey is a USB drive for your keychain that looks like a key! It’s so cute, I want it. I carry around my USB drive everywhere, so might as well get a really really awesomely designed one yeah?

3. My inner (outer?) chemistry nerd fell in love with this Periodic Table of Typefaces. I want it to be printed and available for purchase RIGHT NOW. Or at least before I move into my apartment.

4. Ceramic Jotter that I saw on Notcot. It appeals to the part of me that really, really wants to be 100% eco-friendly. And have their office and desk space completely decked out in fun things that people will see and compliment me on. But I also really like Japanese pens and stationery. So I’ll stick with those for now. The ceramic jotter is still really cute though! I like its sense of cleanliness.

5. Just saw this today, found it really amusing. Installation art always interests me. Social studies and such. Plus, New York! Even better. (Source: Swissmiss.)

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