Ok, so Nancy, Josh and I ran 13.1 miles (continuously) on Sunday! It was pretty anticlimactic and I kind of feel whatever about it, but I do feel like it was a significant thing that I was glad to be able to accomplish!

Mile 1 – 9:41 /mi
Mile 2 – 10:52 /mi
Mile 3 – 11:47 /mi
Mile 4 – 11:28 /mi
Mile 5 – 11:40 /mi
Mile 6 – 11:58 /mi
Mile 7 – 11:53 /mi
Mile 8 – 11:50 /mi
Mile 9 – 11:09 /mi
Mile 10 – 11:13 /mi
Mile 11 – 12:32 /mi
Mile 12 – 13:29 /mi
Mile 13 – 13:44 /mi
Mile 13.1 – 13:32 /mi

I think these mile splits are super funny because it just gets so slow in the end. But we were running and not walking and that’s what counts! One foot in front of the other – the last couple miles felt like forever. According to my fitbit, 27,845 steps and 2 hours and 40 minutes total. Unfortunately, that’s 21 minutes slower than the women’s average half marathon time. But whateveverrrrr we did it! All done. Not interested in doing this ever again. It wasn’t that exciting and the recovery is a literal pain. My quads and hamstrings are really tight, my hips and ankles are really sore. Also probably never interested in a full marathon either…

Really excited to not run for at least a couple weeks. Probably a couple months. I’ve done enough running for the year…

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2 thoughts on “13.1”

  1. Aww :( It really gets a lot easier! (Speaking from having done ~10 halfs). Ice lots and roll out your legs, if you have a foam roller!

    I’ve heard ice baths help with soreness too, but i’m too much of a wuss to actually try it haha.

  2. @Angie –
    Three days later and I’m not sore anymore at all! Feet are a little tired but everything else is back to normal. Wowow 10 halfs, really good for you! But I’m done with long distance running for myself, haha.

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