I forgot I had a blog, oops!

I was going to document Stanley and my Portland/Seattle trip, but I keep forgetting to upload pictures and now it’s been a few months so I’ve pretty much forgotten all about it already. Goldfish memory for sure. So here is what I do remember:

  1. It was ridiculously hot – over 90 degrees for most of the day, and stayed hot til sun down around 8pm. This meant that we had a good reason to get Salt & Straw multiple times though, which I will not complain about. Honey and lavender was my favorite.
  2. Blueberry bourbon basil donut from Blue Star Donuts was the first Portlandia food consumption and possibly my favorite edible thing from the entire trip. Oh wait, that or the Off the Waffle liege waffles??? Or the kouign amann from Little T Patisserie??? There is a trend here.
  3. We rented crappy bikes and biked around the city – you could smell sweet overripe wildberries in the air, which was amazing. No wonder there are always claims about PNW berries.
  4. Tax free!!! Should have bought more stuff… nah. But next time, yah.

And then we dropped by Seattle for a few days to have Adult Conversation with the Parents and get fed delicious top-notch Seattle food. Of note: Goey-duck sashimi. Not of note: Starbucks Roastery.

Things have been busy in Cupertino – Stanley moved in and has just started working at Thumbtack in SF. The commute is really long and he gets back late every day, but we’ve been getting used to it. Je and Mike and Linus moved in, too, since Mike started working at Synaptics all of a sudden as well. One big happy family in the condo!!! Which is not as bad as I thought, I guess we’re all pretty quiet people and the condo is spacious enough (until all their stuff arrives from MN). Plus, all our work schedules are segmented; I get home the earliest around 4-4:30 which gives me enough alone-time to not get too tired from people. JK LINUS I LUV U

WordPress tells me this blog is #1498. Have I really written that many posts? That’s cray.

What’s up with YOUALLLLLL lately????

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