mind, body and soul

Sometimes as I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep, my mind will start having Deep Thoughts and Great Ideas and it sounds so great in my head and I groggily reach for my phone to save the words and phrases that somehow sound so smooth. This was from last night, with some major surgeries done this morning for something at least resembling actual fluency.

In any situation of stress or conflict (or anything else, really), we have three available approaches to find a solution, that come from three places in ourselves: the mind, the body and the gut. Throughout the day we use these three means of making decisions at different intervals and different intensities, either consciously or unconsciously. At work, for example, most of our energies come from the mind. We make intellectual and data-driven decisions and act based on knowledge. Physical needs are generally put on the back-burner for most people these days; we snack and eat without thinking much of it, and maybe stretch our arms a few times a day. Lastly there is gut feel and intuition, or the moral subconscious actions and flow of our days. I’d say this last one also ties into our general mien and personality. I strongly feel that a balance of these three “ways” is vital and natural. Without actively creating a more fair balance of the three aspects in your life, I’d expect it to be tough to be content with your whole self.

Mentally, we need to be stimulated and follow logic. Physically, we need to satisfy the chemical needs of our body (think exercise and endorphins). And intuitively, we have to consider what we gut-feel are the right things to do. When in a situation of conflict, consider evaluating your actions in a single direction, but most likely (of course) going in a direction influenced by two or three factors. I feel that being aware of the decisions one makes, and being cognizant of how that decision came to light, helps immensely with one’s well-being. Even if we don’t know the path we’re on in life, there’s major comfort in putting up torches along the way and bringing light to where you are in each moment. And that comfort can lead to a less stressful trek going forward.

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