Dang this blog is old. 2012 and 2011 and 2010.

Happy new year!

1. Venice canals in LA with Jenn Wang.
2. Maggie visited Califoria with Derek and we hung out at DT Disney. I also went to SD!
3. Went to Albuquerque to interview with Intel…
4. and then Houston a few days later to interview with Schlumberger. Traveling alone (gratis) was pretty fun and I didn’t mind it. And then Seattle at the end of April for mom’s birthday. And that’s when I got a job offer from MiaSolĂ©!
5. After accepting my job offer I immediately dyed my hair red and started my final set of LA adventures as a resident. And then took a full-car road trip up to Norcal with Stanley. We stopped by Santa Barbara, Solvang, SLO and Santa Cruz. Oh and I went vegan and gluten free.
6. Apparently I have no pictures from June. I did make another trip down to LA to pick up the rest of my stuff, but I guess I was mostly settling in at work.
7. Family reunion with babies! Also Layla visited me in Cupertino.
8. Went to Six Flags, made a bunch of amazing address stamps and went from vegan to vegetarian! Stanley came up for his birthday and also I hung out with Alan and Tung.
9. Went to LA for Stan’s friend’s (Charissa and Sean) wedding.
10. Made a birthday cake for Rose/Kristen and had boozey game night #1!
11. Uneventfully turned 24, and went to Minnesota to visit Je and Wisconsin to see Heather.
12. Finished Ben’s giant UCLA painting! Drove down to LA to pick up Stan’s snowboard. Stayed at the Nittler cabin in Tahoe for a few days and snowboarded. And finished the year strong with a lazy two weeks of shut-down! :)

It’s been a big year full of big changes and growing up. And I like it!

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