Besides my poop being uniquely pungent, I’ve been totally fine transitioning from vegetarian to carnivorous. I’m surprised but also not surprised, since I was fine going from gf+vegan to vegetarian as well. I guess the trend is that my reactions are all personal so I should stop attempting to mimic studies/anecdotes from the internet.

I’ve been off methotrexate and enbrel for about a month now, and haven’t felt any major changes. I have been noticing morning stiffness in my hands in the morning (about 30 min) but that may also be an effect of weather changes up here. It’s been getting chilly up here these past few weeks… Four blanket weather for me. Love being cozy in bed with my blankets :)

Other than that, nothing new in my life. I had my first design review at work and it went well. I was barely nervous which I guess means my coworkers have done a good job making me feel comfortable with things. I remember always reading about how female engineers get stepped on in work because they’re too shy to express their opinions strongly, or even to ask questions and be judged unpreparedly, whereas men tend to have no qualms asking questions without thinking them through first. I think I’m in a happy medium place and I’m glad.

Coming up on my 24th birthday soon!

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