thought dump

Re: arm strength, true success is the capability of blowdrying one’s entire head to 90% dryness without tiring.

I got my bloodwork done after about two months of vegan+gf, and the only things of note are low glucose and low white blood cell %/count. No surprises there…

I nerded it out and did the AMC12 from 2001 just for fun. I got 70.5/150 after about an hour and I was too tired to finish; I only attempted 18/25 problems. 6 points for correct answers, 1.5 for blanks. You need a score of at least 100 to move on to the AIME…

The copay for Enbrel is way, way too high so I need to switch insurances for 2014 or quit it altogether. I have until October to decide.

Layla is in the bay area! We’ve been doing all sorts of fun activities, including: driving a Tesla to/from SF just for kicks, yoga, eating, Color Me Mine… I don’t know what tonight’s plans are (probably just to chill) and then on Saturday we are going to Santa Cruz for beaching :)

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