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I started a two week “trial” session at East West Yoga in Cupertino last Monday and have been three times since (M, W, Sun). I’ll probably go two more times this week, likely today and Wednesday again. I realized too late that there’s no evening Vinyasa class on Fridays, so I just did some weights last Friday instead. During my first class, I felt like I was the most advanced yogi in the room, which really surprised me. I guess I’ve been used to going to studios in LA perused by serious long term devotees, with their effortless hand/headstands. It’s kind of refreshing to see how much better I am than average, up here. Two years of yoga really makes a big difference!

On Saturday morning, I test-commuted to work on my bike. I left around 7:35 and got there a few minutes after 8am – 33 minutes to bike 6.3 miles. Not bad! Definitely doable, I wasn’t totally pooped when I arrived. I rested for about half an hour and then headed back home via Wolfe. I found out the hard way that overpasses are extremely difficult on a bike – akin to sprinting up a mountain on foot. After getting home, I was definitely really tired. The change in temperature in just an hour in the morning made a big difference.

Yesterday’s afternoon yoga session was pretty different than I was used to. There were a lot of pranayama and core exercises, and since it was just an hour long, there wasn’t much time for anything else. Still a good session though. The instructor had a British accent which was fun.

Anyway, all I really wanted to say was that all this exercise is making me really confused about what sore muscles are from which exercise. When I biked to work, my arms were sore (from weights?) and today my legs are sore (from biking?). I was planning on starting sets of negative pull-ups this week, but I think I need to get used to the other things I’ve added to my regime first…

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