new chapter

There have been all sorts of happenings in my life lately. I’m currently in limbo in between LA and Cupertino, started my job last week (feels like I’ve been there for months already, in a good way) and have been having lots of fun times with my bffs in my (surprisingly not scarce) down time. I’ve been putting off all the things that would put me into the “settled” category, IE bike purchasing, yoga studio joining, furniture buying… Because I haven’t quite moved into my next residence yet. But I really don’t mind how things have been for the last week and a half; so far I’m adjusting well and having a great time at work :)

I can’t find my card reader so I can’t edit pictures from Stan and my great trip up via PCH, but that post will probably come in a short summary version and then I’ll be busy busy settling into the next chapter of my life. All sorts of yay!

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