I just gotta say that after two weeks of being vegan + gf I definitely do not have more energy than when I was only gf. And I’ve found it to be immensely difficult to accommodate for my double dietary restrictions. I just went to Whole Foods to look for a gluten free vegan pizza because Daiya (dairy free cheese brand) makes one, but they didn’t have it. Everything that’s gf has eggs, and everything that’s vegan has wheat.

I’ve said this before but again, I need to stop trying to find alternatives to the things I miss; I’ll just have to accept my tofu and broccoli stir fries for the next two and a half months…

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  1. i’m impressed that you’re trying to do both at the same time. being vegan is hard enough (I CAN’T STOP EATING DAIRY, JENN. I JUST LOVE CHEESE AND ICE CREAM AND YOGURT TOO MUCH), and to be gluten free… much much much respect!

  2. I second the props as that is a VERY hard diet to accommodate. I hope you’re taking B-12 supplements.

    Also, consider tempeh? It’s an excellent source of protein and Whole Foods sells soy-only formulations. I also really like flaxseed for breakfast, although I wouldn’t recommend stir-frying it.

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