Super realistic dream where I had a panic attack about my hair so I flew to Ohio to spend some time with Grace at Oberlin. She had like six roommates and I talked to all of them, and it was super flat outside with really blue skies. The ground was covered in snow and when someone told me it was 20 degrees out, I struggled to figure out what that meant until I realized it was negative Celsius. I took a long nap on her couch and then decided it was time to fly home. Right before I woke up I was deciding whether to book a $800 flight that departed at 10:30pm and arrived at 12:10am in lax or a $400 flight that arrived in Irvine at 11:45pm, because I asked Matt if he could pick me up in LA and he said sure, but I didn’t want to ask anybody to go all the way to Irvine to get me.

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