Recent flare up of joint pain in wrists, fingers for about 2-3 weeks so far. Bothered me enough that I went and bought a wrist brace (which isn’t helping). Went in to meet my rheumatologist; we decided to administer a steroid injection (2-3 days to full effect, 4 weeks to leave system). Other considerations if this doesn’t help: switching from Enbrel (TNF inhibitor) to Orencia (CTLA-4 regulator), which is a different type of biologic. Or going back to steroids to get back to a state of remission. Things have definitely been getting steadily worse since last August, when I figured Enbrel’s efficacy was wearing out, or something, and then December when I had my bad day in norcal (prompted gluten free) and then this wrist business. I told my Dr that I plan on going vegan starting in May, and she’s all for it and says that it’ll be difficult (she told me to watch Forks Over Knives) but a number of patients feel amazing on a vegan diet.

Also a note that she said she would not expect (hot) yoga to do any damage (I mentioned that it doesn’t hurt when I do yoga, but it might be because of endorphins) as long as I’m not applying excess pressure to my wrists.

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