tales of the still unemployed

Started my second free week of hot yoga. I think I’ll committedly do it for five of the seven days (not weekend) to simultaneously take advantage of the free and fill my days with something to do. I forgot to bring a towel today so I sweated and slipped all over the place on my mat and it sucked. But alas, no purchasing of a better mat or yoga towel until I have $$.

In other news, my wrists have been hurting for almost two weeks now. NSAIDs still have no effect (in reasonable dosages). I came across this paper (of which only the abstract is available) documenting a study of gluten free and vegan and vegetarian diets for RA patients. Since being gluten free has had no noticeable effect on my joint pain, I’ve decided to try to repeat the results of that study! 3.5 months of vegan + gf (then evaluate), followed by 9 months of vegetarian (if the vegan + gf seems to have a positive effect). I’m starting on May 1st, after I get back from a trip to Seattle for our semi-annual immediate family reunion. How exciting. Still debating whether to cease my current medications when I start the new regime… leaning towards no.

In a few minutes I’m going to drop off some stuff to be tailored (i.e. interview pants I ripped a hole in the crotch of in Houston) and get a library card for LAPL. Maybe I’ll get some books?

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