How are you? I’m alright. Could be better but can’t really complain.
How did you sleep last night? Badly. Recently (for the last year or so) I’ve been a really light sleeper. Any distracting noise seems to keep me from falling asleep. Hard breathing (even when it’s my own…), creaking house, my humidifier, basically anything and everything has been keeping me up. Once I fall asleep I can generally stay sleeping ’til morning, but it’s the falling part that’s been bothering me. It helps to wear ear plugs, at least.
What’s been on your mind lately? Same old, same old. Fear of my unknown future. I’ve had a few interviews for full-time positions but they’re stressing me out more than relieving me.
How’s your RA/gluten free diet? No significant changes. I don’t feel that the diet has helped with the remission of my symptoms. I haven’t had a bad day like I did in December though, which I suppose is a positive thing.
What’s new with you? Besides finishing my MS requirements, nothing really. I’m trying to get fit, hoping it’ll help with um… life. I’ve got a lot of free hours these days so naturally I’m trying to take advantage of all the free time.

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