You mumbled an “I love you” that morning when we woke up together, with the sunlight streaming in from the window with the gray blinds, and when I flabbergastedly said “What?” you pretended like you didn’t say anything at all, and it was so strange, and I don’t know if it’s only in hindsight that I see it so clearly – that what we had was so easy and real, and unpolluted by all these other variables, and the situation was just so, such that we could be ourselves, whoever we wanted to be. I might have found myself that summer, because those were some of the best weeks of my life, and I see now that I’ve migrated towards that set of personality traits, from that time where I didn’t have a worry in the world. Maybe you had chosen to be that someone for me, and now the reason why none of is recognize you is because you are really actually someone else. That’s ok, I will still only remember you as I do. Probably because I don’t have a choice.

This archived footage surfaced because I can’t sleep and I was thinking about my new cardholder wallet that I took from Stanley, and how it doesn’t compare at all to my old EX RUGS & OCK’N’ROLL one, which cost me $50 at that store where Jaemin got her Freitag bag in New York, and there were two of them but I chose that one specifically because it almost said “sex” on it. Ah, the good old days.

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