book of mormon

Last night Stan and I watched Book of Mormon at the Pantages. Lucky me – Kency bought tickets for the wrong day, so she sold them to me discounted :) It was super hilarious and I was laughing out loud almost the entire time… there was a good mix of mature and immature humor, which is just my type. And very nerdy/pop culturey, which made it great. I’d definitely recommend it if there are still tickets for sale, but I’ve been hearing about them being sold out super quick!

On the way there, we saw a (large) lady driving next to us talking on her phone on speakerphone. It was good of her to keep hands-free… by holding her phone with her boobs. She was literally using her boobs as a table top, with her phone flat against the near-vertical angle below her collorbone, right at her cleavage. That’s lots of skills! I used to make jokes about this when I was in middle school, but I never thought I’d come across the situation in real life!

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