I think if I were a (real) full time student taking two graduate classes like I had originally planned, I’d be having a bad time balancing my research project, job hunting, and academics. But as it goes, with a flexible schedule for research, I’m actually having fun with the job hunting process. I’ve applied to 30-or-so jobs on the UCLA career website, and probably somewhere around 50 jobs online (directly and through Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.) and am going through the interview process for four companies right now. I have a last-round phone interview (before on-site) for a company I’m super interested in tomorrow afternoon, a flight up to norcal for a final round interview in two weeks, and another final onsite interview in Rosemead sometime soon as well. Fingers crossed for tomorrow; that’s the one I really want!

Research is also going well (*knocks on wood*) because I’ve extracted some good data from my videos/stills, and just need one more set, a validation, and then statistical reporting before I can finish up the paper! I really hope it’s that time in my life/year when everything falls into place and works out nearly perfectly. Here’s to growing up!

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