Again, the concern about whether I’m fatigued or just tired is creeping up in my mind.

I’ve been sleeping late the past few days too – way past my usual bedtime. I have to get back to my regular routine – early to sleep; kind of early to rise. Session C of summer school starts this week, which means I have class at 9AM for three days of the week.

My RA status has been steadily worsening for the past six month (according to my own feelings/impression as well as my dr’s evaluations) so I’m going to start taking indomethacin daily to see if it helps. I hope it helps. My finger knuckles hurt and it makes me feel like an old lady. :C If this keeps up, I’m going to reconsider my treatment. I took some hand/feet x-rays last week; I have a followup in mid-September to figure out what to do about my current/future treatment.

I’m getting excited about Layla and my Asia trip next month! I’m planning to soak in a hot spring for a long time, because it’s rumored to heal arthritis. You know. Maybe I just didn’t spend enough time in Lake Vougliameni. *crosses fingers*

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