I tried to email my high school college counselors late last night about a book we had used as a resource for looking up colleges, but I got broken emails for both the counselors from my years at ISB. The ironic thing about having gone to a high school with 500 students and a low student-faculty ratio, is that at international schools, teachers and administrators bounce around from country to country, living the ex-pat life all over the place. In my two years at ISB, I don’t really remember any new teachers coming or familiar ones leaving, so I felt that it was a constant in my present-future life. But no, that is not the case. Most likely I felt that way about the situation because of how things were at Lynbrook – my cousins, sister, and I basically shared all the same teachers. Even though student-teacher relationships at ISB were close knit, it doesn’t really seem to have extended past graduation. On the other hand, I still visit Kitchen-sensei occasionally when I’m back in norcal.

On the bright side, I finally got in touch with my English teacher from ISB by searching on Facebook. So maybe even if they’re harder to find, there’s still the prospect of a continuing connection.

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