re: exercising with RA

I probably walk for about 40 minutes a day. And yoga twice a week, for an hour each time. I think that’s probably enough exercise to count as exercise…

But anyway, yesterday I decided to go run a mile and time myself. I ran it in 8:55! My lap breakdown was +/- 5 seconds because I was checking my own watch:

lap 1 – 2:00
lap 2 – 2:20
lap 3 – 2:20
lap 4 – 2:15

I think there might be something sketchy re: my first and last laps. My first lap was fast because I started quickly, hoping to get a good pace to begin with. My last lap shouldn’t have been that slow, because I definitely sprinted the last quarter lap…

But anyway, I’m glad that I can still run a mile in (barely) under 9 minutes. And the best part is, my knees didn’t hurt afterwards :) (Doesn’t mean I’m going to start running again, but it’s good to know.)

I’m surprised to be sore in my quads and obliques (side abs?). But I guess I knew there was a big difference between running and biking. Plus it’s been two months since I last used the stationary bike.

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