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On my way back from lunch with Phyllis today, I stopped at Goodwill to drop off a few bags of clothes. I found a metered parking spot that still had 40 minutes left on it, so I decided to go to Petco across the street, because Petco is always entertaining with cats and dogs and fish and rodents. I was looking at the fish and this yellow one caught my eye, so I decided… to buy it! At first I wanted to just get one or two to put in a jar, but the guy convinced me that if I didn’t get an air pump for them, even if I changed the water every week it was still possible that they would die. So… I figured I might as well invest in a tiny tank with an air pump.

Left: Silvertip tetra named SOCKS because even though he’s a silvertip, his dorsal/pelvic/anal fins don’t have silver tips and only the tips of his caudal fin are black. I got him because he is totally transparent! and you can see right through most of his body (except his tummy). I think that’s cool. So far I think he’s the smarter one. He just hangs out not moving much but looks thoughtful all the time.

Right: Balloon molly named MANGO, who I got because she (clearly female since it’s a molly???) uses her caudal fin in a weird vertical oscillatory way to remain in her hovering gait which is totally weird looking because she has a truncate caudal fin (not forked/emarginate) and it’s like waving a flag. Also she looks really stupid because she has an upturned face/chin and it’s funny looking. Also she has yellow/orange stripes :) I think she’s dumb because she keeps swimming up and down up and down and up and down

Total investment in my fishes today: $38.23 for the tank, fishes, food and water conditioner. I HOPE THEY DON’T DIE OR GET FAT…

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