Recently, my life has consisted of:

  1. School
  2. Research
  3. Stamps
  4. Stanley
  5. Ice Cream

I have pretty much been spending all my spare time not on campus making stamps and I am kind of worried because it seems like I’m addicted. It makes me kind of antisocial (this is a lie, I am just antisocial) but it is just SO FUN and I’m getting really good at it and can it be my full time job please?

Also, Breyer’s chocolate is officially my favorite cheapo brand ice cream. I’m halfway done with my 1.5 Q container and it’s been three days? Maybe four?

well i had prepared a post with photos documenting the process i went through to make the stamps for my sister’s wedding place cards, but stupid me deleted the photos by accident from my SD card so screw that, i’m pissed at technology fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

so i leave you with this instagram photo from my phone


Another painting, this one of a photograph taken in Berkeley (link). I actually finished this one about a month ago, but wasn’t sure whether I thought it was finished or not. I decided that it is.

Added this with a bunch of other stuff I’ve posted about on Thyme already, to Mint. It’s time to make that website easier to navigate.

This week has been slow and awkward. I’ve been doing a lot of waiting, and sitting, and I don’t feel very content with where I am these days. On the bright side, yesterday had some highlights, and if all goes well, a big change may happen in the near future…

I’m probably just pissed because my hands still hurt.

norcal trip

I drove up to Norcal this past weekend with Layla and Stanley. It was mostly for my benefit, I wanted to know whether or not I was capable of driving the entire way. For science! It wasn’t a difficult drive, and we made it up in about six hours.

On Friday, we just chilled in SJ. I had made an appointment with my parents’ doctor, to get a second opinion about my RA. After that, we headed to the Apple company store in ‘Tino, had lunch at Sushi Kuni, then headed to Santana Row to kill time. For dinner we went to Alexander’s Steakhouse. It was my third (or fourth?) time there, so I think it’s losing it’s appeal a bit. Still very good, but I’d rather try some other new things. (Next time: Le Papillon? Been there, but don’t remember it at all…)

Meet Bentley. Layla’s brother’s dog. He ate Stanley’s sunglasses.

We spent all day Saturday in San Francisco. In the morning we went to the Academy of Sciences. I was surprised that regular admission is 30$! That’s ridiculous. But with student and AAA discounts, we were able to get 8$ off per person. Neither are advertised, so be sure to mention it.

This was my second time at the Academy of Sciences, and I’d definitely go again. But wear good shoes and bring lots of snacks! There is a lot to see. :)

After the Academy of Sciences, we went to Chinatown and Ghirardelli Square before meeting Frances at Bang San Thai. After dinner, basically fell apart so tirrrred.

Lastly, this is unrelated, but I came home and started a painting. Sneak peak!


I’ve been designing my sister’s wedding stationary, etc., including save the dates and invites. I knew I wanted to get my hands dirty and do something fun, so I designed some typography that went with the simple yet romantic theme that they wanted to go with. Of course, I made the letters with Adobe Photoshop’s paint tool, and not a fancy pants font editor, but I like the way it turned out. It’s neat enough to look clean while still imperfect to make it more personal. If I had the time and resources, it’d be awesome to clean it up further and really make it into a usable font.

For lack of creativity and patience, I was thinking of calling it “Wedding.” Kind of silly, since it’s just my handwriting anyway…

Sample text from the save the dates. It’s also on their engagement/wedding website here.

I’ll upload all the fun things I’ve designed in about a year :)