tuesday game nights

Look at my score marker! Ahead of all the rest!

Sophie has been hosting game nights on Tuesdays for many months now. We usually meet around 7pm, eat take-out for a quick dinner, and then begin playing a board game via Russ. Russ is Sophie’s ex-coworker from DI, and he has a million board games (an addict! from which we benefit). We’ve mostly been learning the rules of new games each week, and not often repeating, but yesterday I requested we play Tzolk’in! We played it just once about 2 months ago, and I had initially rated it a 7. This time, I was able to actually make a plan for the long-term goals and win!! I liked it a lot, and upped my rating to an 8. Hehe.

After Tzolk’in, we played Bang! dice, which I really disliked, as I expected. I don’t like betrayal type games, and I don’t like co-op, discussing motives and games who’s major mechanism is the act of swaying others from making their most logical decisions. No! I’ll have none of it. More Tzolk’in please!