I’m officially admitting defeat – getting stuck at certain biweekly resolutions because of things outside of my control (biking for two weeks straight, it’s been raining on and off) and having to make a bunch of compensations has my motivation level much lower than it was at the start. I am kind of keeping them in mind though, and did bike to work on Monday and flossed yesterday. So you know, there may be some correlation to an improved lifestyle. Or maybe not.

I started my wagon garden last week and it’s EXCITING!!!! I probably over-sowed (um, nts gotta learn garden terms) and need to prune (?) some of the sprouts away so the poor things don’t feel so claustrophobic. So far only the lettuce and kale seeds have sprouted. I think I picked a lucky time to plant, because it was rainy for a few days and now it’s sunny and warm. I’m really excited to see if 4-6″ dirt depth is enough to grow miniature beets and carrots. If not, that’s ok, because then I get to start round two!

So a few weeks ago I decided to attempt a six-mile jog. It actually went really well and was not much more difficult than four. I’m vaguely interested in finding out how long I can stay at medium-cardio level before wanting to pass out (or “bonking” as bikers say) but um, not really interested in running a half marathon or anything. It’s just a lot of time (6 miles is already an hour!) and I think there’s officially no point to this paragraph anymore. I’m tracking the number of miles I’m running in 2014 because, why not?, and I’m currently at 51. I’ll be happy if I hit 100 miles by the end of the year! How exciting.

In other still fitness-related news, I’m starting to work on incorporating a lot more fun intense things into my yoga practice. I’m working on forearm stand (long term goal: scorpion! and hand stand!) which I think I’m like 35% to conquering. I also saw a video of a cool tripod headstand to side crow transition (both side) and so I’m working on core so I can do that too. It looks super fun and amazing.

I guess pretty much my life these days is full of exercising during the week and then eating on the weekends. No complaints though, I love getting into routines :)