wordpress 2015

Ok so I noticed my layout on this page got funky with the sidebar getting pushed down to the bottom, and I was too lazy to fix it so instead I updated to the new WordPress Twenty Fifteen default layout. I feel ok about it except there’s too much padding and why are the fonts so big? Except since I use RSS anyway, and rarely visit this page, it doesn’t really matter. Is there anyone out there who actually types this url and visits this page in their web browser other than when they’re writing a comment? Also whatever because the demographic of this blog is like three people. Hi!

Other than that, nothing new in my life lately. Work is same-same, relationship same-same… Stanley came up to Norcal for about a month for Valentine’s day and interviews in SF and it was really nice to be around each other. I tried to learn Android Studio but it was too hard so I quit after like two days. I bought a Moka Pot and made coffee in it twice the last two days. Not bad for an amateur rare coffee drinker like me. (Forgot I wanted to try making tea in it… maybe tonight.)

People need to stop giving me dietary advice that they don’t follow themselves. You can spew as much information as you want at me but I’m only going to accept the ones that you have actually made a priority in your life – the ones that you honestly believe are good for you, not the ones you read about online or saw on TV.

Also I am as busy as ever now that I’m working full time!!! Not a bad thing, but I’m excited to get into a more regular routine after July 4th weekend.


Ran some errands (went shopping) at Century City Mall today, and dropped off my Swarovski earrings at the store for a repair. The posts were crooked and in trying to fix it it loosened and became wiggly, I requested they straighten and reinforce both sides. Hopefully replacing the entire post. Since it’s past the included two-year warranty, the charge was $50. If they decide it can’t be fixed then I’ll be refunded that cost, and I guess I’ll try a handyman’s fix (solder?). The salesperson guessed that the MSRP was ~$125 (it was a gift six years ago) but since I wear them quite often, I thought it’d be worth trying to repair.

Also interesting to note that the shiny part is rhodium plated, not sterling silver or platinum, which has a lower melting temperature (?) and a self-fix may end in disaster. And that the regular crystals are all machine cut but the animals are hand-cut. I really like their drop earring collections and simple rings I’ve been seeing for the last few years. The rings are so simple and elegant.

tried and true

I keep procrastinating these posts, because I took a bunch of process/experimental pictures but hate them all and don’t know what to do about them. So I’m trimming the excess and just sharing the information! OK! Just two things:

I bought this Kuhn Rikon whisk after I started making small one-egg batches of flourless chocolate cake every week or so, and it’s awesome. I did a timed comparison whipping one egg white and the spring whisk took less than three minutes to whip to soft peaks while my traditional whisk took 6 minutes and was barely there. Plus, the spring whisk seemed to do a better job with egg whites keeping their texture; the old whisk’ whites kept falling flat during their 30-second breaks (while switching off). I also considered the Double Balloon Whisk but when I saw it at Sur La Table I realized it was way too big to whisk just one white. It’s like 2+ inches in diameter, which probably makes it better for large batches of whipping instead.

This is still an incomplete work in progress, but one step at a time. I’ve been curious about the best way to boil eggs SUCH THAT they are easy to peel, because I hate peeling hard-boiled eggs. There are a number of methods/ideas, like old eggs being easier to peel than new, putting vinegar in the water, etc but in this blog Marc Matsumoto seems to reason out his method pretty well so I decided to give it a try. He says that making a small crack in the air-bubble-side of the egg, breaking the shell but not the membrane, lets a small amount of water between the semi-permeable membrane and egg white, which makes the peels come off easier. I tried three eggs with cracks (in the back) and two without (front), and found that indeed the ones with cracks were easier to peel. Also a side note that while boiling, the ones with cracks fostered additional, large cracks in the shell (not destructive ones, but surface fractures), maybe because of the slight extra space caused by expanding the area between egg white and membrane? The shell pieces came off in big chunks which lessened the stupid picking-at-egg-white-or-is-it-membrane? happenings on the control eggs. When I’m nearly done with this carton of eggs, I’ll buy a fresh carton and test the old-vs-new egg theory. Except if I can only fit five eggs in my saucepan, then I have to figure out which to crack and which to leave…