calteach week 5

I brought my new postal scale to Calteach today on a whim, which was good because Lynn (NSF GK12) was having trouble setting up her demonstration and so Kevin Paulsen (the teacher) had me give an impromptu presentation to stall the kids. After class, he and Lynn tod me that I did a really good job. Kevin said that it takes three things to be a good teacher: knowledge (“which you have, UCLA grad”), a connection to the kids (“which you demonstrate from your interactions with them”) and presence. He told be that I have a huge presence (even though I’m small) such that the kids know to listen when I talk, and pay attention, etc. He said that if I went into teaching, that would be my strongest trait because nobody would ever want/tell me to leave. Paulsen said to really consider teaching because I could go far with it.

Also when Lynn was having issues with her experiment (reaction times vs concentrations) I suggested diluting the concentration she knew worked (0.1 M) into the two lesser concentrations that were giving us trouble (0.05 and 0.02 M) so then the demonstration would be sure to make sense and not trip out. Originally the three concentrations of the same solution came from three different sources, and weren’t in agreement. She didn’t seen to understand at first but when I explained it more clearly she was so surprised and seemed to think it was genius.