Man, I’ve missed cardio. Seven months after my half marathon (mistake), I can finally say that my knee is basically fully healed and I can now run and hike and yoga without any hindrances. Well, still taking it easy on my knees in yoga (virasana and related postures) but this week I ran 2.5 miles and hiked 5 miles without any issues. :) Hurrah! Thank you, body, for doing what you do even though it took awhile. I’m only getting older though, so I think it’s time to be more careful with my body, since it’s only going to take longer and longer to heal these types of injuries from now on. 😐

Tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, so I’m throwing a celebratory brunch at the house for all the extended family, with all the next generation too. I’m making roasted potatoes, french toast, avocado toast, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, bacon, omelettes, and eggs-of-all-kinds. Except poached, I’m not really into poached eggs. Also I’m making cold brew coffee, though it’s taking forever to drip, and I’m not sure if I did it correctly… but coffee drinkers will be coffee drinkers, so I’m not too worried heh.

Anyway, other than work and yoga, not much is going on lately. Stanley and I threw a 2016 birthday party at our new place, and I’d say it was a total success! For future reference, we made tacos, and made about 12-16 cups “sides” (slaw, corn, kimchi), and ended up cooking about 9 lb of meat for about 20 attendees. More seating would probably be nice, but our space was big enough to fit everyone seated on the ground like true Asians. Looking forward to next year’s birthday party already!!!

new chapter

There have been all sorts of happenings in my life lately. I’m currently in limbo in between LA and Cupertino, started my job last week (feels like I’ve been there for months already, in a good way) and have been having lots of fun times with my bffs in my (surprisingly not scarce) down time. I’ve been putting off all the things that would put me into the “settled” category, IE bike purchasing, yoga studio joining, furniture buying… Because I haven’t quite moved into my next residence yet. But I really don’t mind how things have been for the last week and a half; so far I’m adjusting well and having a great time at work :)

I can’t find my card reader so I can’t edit pictures from Stan and my great trip up via PCH, but that post will probably come in a short summary version and then I’ll be busy busy settling into the next chapter of my life. All sorts of yay!

bee happy

  • Still 24.5 cm in my biceps
  • I think I finally rid my basil of aphids. By putting it outside every day so the sun could dry out the dirt. Also my Rosemary is growing but my thyme is looking sad… I planted some tomato seeds a few days ago and I noticed a sprout today :)
  • People that drink a big bottle of soda after working out????? Why???
  • Had a serving of muscle milk post work out today. It’s awkwardly sweet with a weird after taste; I don’t like it.
  • I rearranged my workspace so my monitor is off-center to the right. Is this bad for my posture/neck?
  • This and this.
  • My < 1 ft^2 sink has trained me to prepare all of my food in the toaster oven so I don't have to wash any pots or pans...
  • It’s Tuesday :(

winter 2012

Just got my grades for my two classes this quarter. I got an A- in 231A and a B+ in 250A. I kind of expected the opposite, but that’s okay! Still not disappointed in this quarter, since I was feeling really overwhelmed in the middle of the quarter and wasn’t sure about it for awhile. This winter quarter was so much more difficult that fall… maybe like a big wake up call to graduate school. So now I’m much better prepared for the next two quarters. I’m still planning on graduating in December, but my future plans are still TOTALLY UP IN THE AIR

This weekend I went to Norcal for Heather’s birthday :) Stan took me to the airport during/after his lunch break, and I arrived at SJC on Friday afternoon. We picked up tickets for Hunger Games for Saturday, got our tea on, and went to Whole Foods and Target before dinner at Fatima with Sophie. I remembered how easy Cupertino was to get around, and how everything is so close. Maybe it’s because it’s where I grew up, and the only places I know and need are close by. After dinner we went to Sophie’s house and played Dance Central on her Kinect. It was awesome and fun and now my arms are sore. Fun! Too bad I won’t have space in my home for that type of thing for many years.

On Saturday, we woke up around 10, ate breakfast and went to visit Kitchen-sensei at Lynbrook. He was in class, and we didn’t have much time to chat, but it was good to catch up. We sat behind these two juniors, who asked us if we were in college. I was like, “Um, yeah, I mean no… graduate school.” And then we realized they were class of 2013 – that’s next year! So crazy, how time passes. We left to line up for Hunger Games, but there was no line at all. The movie was okay, wouldn’t really recommend it. After the movie, we picked up Stephanie in Sunnyvale and went to (downtown?) Mountain View (Castro St) for happy hour at Xanh Restaurant. I got a virgin mojito which was so delicious and I loved it – I think my next plant will be mint. :) Their popcorn chicken was also tasty.

Rose got off at work at 6, so around then we decided to go to Shabuway for dinner; Japanese hotpot. Note to self: mild spicy is too spicy for hot pot. But I was totally okay with the plain seaweed broth/water. We ate the deliciousness and used Yelp to find a bar to go to. We went to Mervyn’s Lounge down the street and it was basically the best place we could’ve gone. It was a super chill, tiny dive bar which served cheap, good drinks. I LOVED IT and plan on acquiring regular status on my Yelp account pronto.

After the bar, we headed back to Heather’s house for ice cream (which we forgot to eat) and watch VAMPIRE DIARIES! The original plan was for me to continue where I left off in December, but I didn’t have any more downloaded episodes so we just started from the beginning. We watched just three and then decided it was bed time.

A really fun weekend, I’m glad to get to catch up with some of my favorite people :)