Apparently I suck with fish because ONE WEEK after purchasing my two new fishes, they are both dead. Yesterday I came back from Arcadia to find Mango stuck behind the plant I bought him, upside down. Upon closer inspection he was still breathing, but he was “bruised” on his posterior. I looked it up online and found that when they’re stressed out, their immune systems are compromised and are easily susceptible to infections that cause their blood vessels to burst. There are all sorts of medicines you can give your fish if this happens but unfortunately I decided it was too late and probably not meant to be.

I have made the executive decision to not have small pets (rodents, fishes) ever again. Plants are okay.

Socks died :(

I went back to Petco to ask if I did anything wrong and buy a plant for Mango so he (decided he’s a dude) doesn’t feel lonely. The guy told me that whoever sold it to me should have known that my tank was too small. One should allocate about one gallon of water per one inch of fish. My tank is about a gallon. So Socks was probably stressed out about being so claustrophobic or something. That’s why he wasn’t eating and now he’s GONE FOREVER.

But I think Mango will be okay because Mango eats a lot and poops a lot. Mango seems to really like his new plant :)

new fishes

On my way back from lunch with Phyllis today, I stopped at Goodwill to drop off a few bags of clothes. I found a metered parking spot that still had 40 minutes left on it, so I decided to go to Petco across the street, because Petco is always entertaining with cats and dogs and fish and rodents. I was looking at the fish and this yellow one caught my eye, so I decided… to buy it! At first I wanted to just get one or two to put in a jar, but the guy convinced me that if I didn’t get an air pump for them, even if I changed the water every week it was still possible that they would die. So… I figured I might as well invest in a tiny tank with an air pump.

Left: Silvertip tetra named SOCKS because even though he’s a silvertip, his dorsal/pelvic/anal fins don’t have silver tips and only the tips of his caudal fin are black. I got him because he is totally transparent! and you can see right through most of his body (except his tummy). I think that’s cool. So far I think he’s the smarter one. He just hangs out not moving much but looks thoughtful all the time.

Right: Balloon molly named MANGO, who I got because she (clearly female since it’s a molly???) uses her caudal fin in a weird vertical oscillatory way to remain in her hovering gait which is totally weird looking because she has a truncate caudal fin (not forked/emarginate) and it’s like waving a flag. Also she looks really stupid because she has an upturned face/chin and it’s funny looking. Also she has yellow/orange stripes :) I think she’s dumb because she keeps swimming up and down up and down and up and down

Total investment in my fishes today: $38.23 for the tank, fishes, food and water conditioner. I HOPE THEY DON’T DIE OR GET FAT…