This weekend I’m going to the Yoga Journal Live! SF event, as a volunteer. Kind of a silly work-exchange program where the volunteers still have to pay $100 to go (actually $200 with a $100 refund?)… but considering that’s basically how much one class costs, I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about. And maybe learn a thing or two while hanging out in SF. I’m pretty excited to spend an extended amount of time in the city, which I’ve never done before. Staycation, kind of?

Last Friday Stanley and I had dinner with Jenn Song and Nick at Kyusu, and then dropped by the mall afterwards to look at rings at Tiffany’s. I was so sad that the torque ring was discontinued and needed a replacement “over-yonder” ring to fawn over. BUT it closed before we got there. So instead we just wandered around to get me a dark chocolate soft serve from Godiva (soo yummy) and into J Crew to check out the sale section. I found these pants for $29.99 in store, plus 50% off final sale, plus 15% student discount per Stanley, which meant A $14 pair of black pants for me! I’ve been wearing them every day since I got them (lol) so I figured it was ok if I went back to the mall and picked up another pair. Hehe. No shame. I’m happy to have found these new-favorite pants because my old-favorite grey Uniqlo pants (from 2008!) finally gave out with a broken butt-seam. Good-bye, old pants. Hello, new pants! (I mean, everyone has a favorite pair of pants that they want to wear every day right? I just allow myself to follow through with it. Laundry smaundry.)

Other thing – Sophie and I found Crispy M&Ms at Walmart last weekend! Apparently they’re back back for 2015. Now in light green packaging instead of blue. Why the change? No idea – apparently blue is now pretzel. So I got two packs. And have eaten them both.

Happy 2015!

egg drop

I forgot to mention that at CHAMPs last weekend, we had an egg drop competition. I made my own structure because we had extra sets of materials and I’m proud to say that my egg survived the one story drop! Granted, the structure was destroyed, but we modeled the requirements as a spaceship landing so I think that’s totally acceptable. I’ve never participated in an egg drop competition before so it was exciting and I’m glad my egg didn’t break because there was so much pressure (“She’s a mechanical engineering graduate student!”) etc etc


Every Tuesday, I am almost guaranteed to think the following two things to myself when it’s time for my Enbrel injection:

“It’s Tuesday already?”
“This definitely hurts more than last time.”

I don’t need to remember which leg I’m on because I just pick the one that’s not yet bruised/has just healed.

My first Volunteer Day today. I’m not interested in doing this again. I think the entire shebang is a plot for UCLA to maintain it’s #1 in community service ranking. The incoming freshmen weren’t excited or interested in doing service, just in getting it over with (which is understandable because it’s a mandatory event for them). It wasn’t well organized. I didn’t have fun.

On the plus side, I met a fellow mechanical engineering Master’s student (in MEMS) who told me that taking three classes + a bit of research isn’t crazy. Especially with one of my classes being 281 with CJ. No problem! I’m totally ready for fall quarter :)