On the way into the Disneyland parking lot on Saturday morning, all booths were open but the lines were still relatively long and slow. As we all creeped forward, the only sounds were the loud hums of engines… UNTIL one car honked. And another car honked back. And then seconds later it sounded like the entire group of 100+ cars was honking at each other. To my left there was a car (probably the instigator) that kept repeating “shave and a haircut,” waiting for a response from the other side of the lot. The first few times they tried there were drowned out by all the other miscellaneous honking, but after it quieted down a bit, they actually succeeded. A few cars responded at the same time; it was actually pretty impressive. After which they tried and failed a few more times, and then finally everyone stopped honking. I came up to the booth to pay for my parking, and wanted to ask the attendant if this happened every day, or multiple times a day. There must always be that one car… It made me curious about group psychology.


It’s the weekend so there are almost no cars in the parking lot; is it lame that I got so excited that I’d finally be able to make a near perfect diagonal to minimize the steps required to get from my entrance to the exit?

Heading to the nice patch of grass in front of the newly remodeled Hershey Hall because it’s secluded from the street but surrounded by the botanical gardens. To tan. And read my Kindle. Happy Sunday!


I find comfort in having driven a handful of freeways often enough to know which lanes to avoid (merges, potholes) and the most convenient times to change lanes, etc. There are enough tidbits of information in any given group of people to gather into a possible crowd-sourced GPS add-on. Maybe users can contribute to a map, and when a single road feature has enough support (ie the giant dip at Strathmore/Gayley) it can be a public item on a digital map. Going a step further would be to contact DOT or road services to get the serious problems fixed. There used to be a huge pothole near my apartment, but I was so angry at the bumps I couldn’t avoid that I submitted a request to get it filled online. “Extremely dangerous 2 foot wide pothole at Strathmore/Landfair. Please fix ASAP!” It was filled within a week. Especially in downtown LA, where all the freeways decide to tango, it would be nice to know that I can stay in the second-to-right lane to get from the 10 to the 5, for example. It is always, always a clusterf- of confused cars, and I don’t like being one of them.

spocom 2011

I went to Spocom (Sports Compact?) in Anaheim with Stanley and his brother Justin last weekend. Basically it was a car show/convention with various vendors and lots of cars and… that’s it. I took a bunch of pictures despite not really knowing much about what was there, but I like the way some of them look so here they are!

Pretty green A3 :)


Some fancy pants green car that has been featured in a bunch of magazines. So I took a picture of the owner… in the car! Hyukyukyuk.

Lots of R35s! But non of them were pretty. So whatever.

Stanley giving some poster girl support. LOL.

I thought this matte red car (GTR?) was awesome when I first saw it but then turns out it’s just a skin :( Dislike. (SP Engineering business card, lol.)

I really liked this grey Evo X hatch. Dream car? But I can’t decide whether the hatch or regular is prettier.

I just thought it was cool that they took off the wheels to display the breaks on the cars, lol.

Midnight purple R35!

Same Evo X hatch as before.


Yeah so I saw this and thought it was very wtf. Does this really help with streamlines and stuff? I would think it just creates unnecessary vortices…

I like this dark grey!

Engines remind me of MAE 157. Even though I understand how the engines work better from that class, I have no idea what happens after that. Transmission, what?

Grey Silvia!!! Pretty grey.

Some old Datsun I was barely able to get a shot of while I walked by. But it turned out really well. One of my favorite shots of the day.

This crazy chick was definitely taking off her pants. Not like they were more than underwear anyway… Where do they buy these “clothes”?

Old 911 (?) Porsche. Super cute.

This was the most ridiculous car I saw the entire day. Totally useless. And there weren’t even any seats, just speakers.

I don’t know what this is, but I want it.

Another midnight purple something.

Silvia with unmatching rims!

There was a table of nearly naked chicks, selling and taking pictures with dudes of all ages. Caught this perfect shot of some chick’s cleavage by chance.

Super clean E36? E30?

The end :)

formula d

I took a midterm today in my MAE102 Dynamics class and I totally failed it but that’s okay because now I have time to blog about last weekend!

Wesley, Stanley, and I went to Arcadia! Friday night, I finally got meet Carol’s boyfriend. We went to get boba and then Carol stayed over at Stanley’s house with me :) It was like a sleepover! We talked, and it was great, except I’m not going to elaborate because there are no pictures to go with this part. Saturday morning, we all woke up and got ready and ate lunch and then went to FORMULA D!!!! That’s right, I attended my first ever drifting competition. Round Seven of the Formula Drift Championship took place in Irwindale, CA on October 17th, 2009! We got there and roamed the stalls and got free swag and all that good stuff. I brought my camera, but didn’t take many pictures. (There weren’t many interesting this to take pictures of…)

This guy right here is funny! He bearded his braid! And when the sun caught his beard/bald head it looked cool so I snapped a photo. He is Ross Petty. (I looked it up on the FormulaD website.)

Anyway I guess I didn’t really have much to say about Formula D, except that I had fun, and I really liked watching them. I was going to explain about the rules and competition, but I’m kind of feeling lazy right now. But it’s really cool! Okay I’ll try to explain in like a sentence.

So basically the cars are graded on a couple things. The speed of their entrance, how closely they reach the clipping points, the angle of their car, and how well they chase when they’re not leading. The clipping points were like, the first wall, two cones, another wall, and another cone. So they basically have to make their car as sideways as they can to get closest to those points. So like, when a car drifts, it’s making the car go at a different angle as it’s wheels, pretty much. But there’s a constant angular motion in one direction, so they’re making like a turn. But if their turn isn’t at the right angle, they might crash into the wall or other car or not get close enough to the clipping point. The best drivers were the ones that didn’t need to correct their angle. And went really fast at the same time.