Super realistic dream where I had a panic attack about my hair so I flew to Ohio to spend some time with Grace at Oberlin. She had like six roommates and I talked to all of them, and it was super flat outside with really blue skies. The ground was covered in snow and when someone told me it was 20 degrees out, I struggled to figure out what that meant until I realized it was negative Celsius. I took a long nap on her couch and then decided it was time to fly home. Right before I woke up I was deciding whether to book a $800 flight that departed at 10:30pm and arrived at 12:10am in lax or a $400 flight that arrived in Irvine at 11:45pm, because I asked Matt if he could pick me up in LA and he said sure, but I didn’t want to ask anybody to go all the way to Irvine to get me.

and i thought about it and i have decided what i want from life
but it’s vague
i want to get maximum happiness with minimum adverse effects on society (friends, family) and nature (earth, etc)
seems like the best way to get those happinesses is through little things
little satisfactions

long beach aquarium

This weekend, Stanley and I drove down to Long Beach to visit the aquarium (finally). Originally I had planned on going myself on a weekday so I could bring a sketchbook and spend the whole day people and fish watching. But in hindsight, I don’t know if that would’ve been fun. The aquarium is pretty small, and there weren’t many places to sit. So I’m glad we went together :) I made it a personal goal for the day to get a bunch of pictures of fish faces, and I think I did pretty well. My newest lens (35mm) goes down to 1.8, and it makes a huge difference in low light. On the other hand, when I took higher aperture pictures outside, I realized how filthy my sensor is. I really need to go get it cleaned soon.

There were a crazy number of young kids at the aquarium on Saturday, possibly because it’s the last weekend before school starts. There were kids running around everywhere and strollers blocking all walkways. Seeing all the kids being kids made me miss CHAMPs, so I’m glad school is starting so I can start doing that again :)

Last night, I dreamt that I had a long scar running down the side of my cheek, and I was running around the mall with my Dad looking for a good concealer. Strange dream.

language fail

I dreamt that Stanley and I were at Sprinkles, and the secret thing to get a free cupcake of our choice was to “wet the top” which was to lick the to of a cupcake. We did it and I got four cupcakes total and a frosting shot. Don’t remember the flavors.

Then I was in Japan with Ian and some others and we were running away from something. I was told to pull out my back teeth (molars) to fake my death or something. It didn’t hurt but I kept my tooth in pieces in my jacket pocket. We ran away from our motel and went to a restaurant to hide but I was bored so I decided to under cover be a waitress. I couldn’t take peoples’ orders because I can’t read/write Chinese and the kitchen got mad because people were ordering things they didn’t have the ingredients of, and so I resorted to asking people simple questions like “mushrooms, beef or chicken? Soup, rice, noodles, or stirfry?” And then making a dish up with the right instructions.

And then we were spotted so we ran away to look for a place to stay, except now I was with Stan again. We were waiting for Layla who was joining us later. I found a place that was a loft on top of a boba place that was cheap (325 mystery units) that could barely fit three of us but we took it because it was in an alleyway and hidden.

And then I woke up.


I was with Heather and we decided to go get some dairy-free ice cream from Millions of Milkshakes, so we went, but when we got there, she turned into Angie. I ordered my dairy-free ice cream from the guy with the hat but then he said they weren’t serving ice cream “because of the Lakers.” So I told him that I’d get a shake made out of dairy-free ice cream and mangos and something purple so that it would be the colors of the Lakers and he would make it for me. So he said okay and he put the stuff together into a blender but then I said I didn’t want it blended. Like a smoothie, but not blended, because I just wanted to eat the dairy-free ice cream part. So then I got it and Angie left really fast and turned the corner and then we were in a mall. And she went upstairs two floors to this jewelry store and I asked her why she ran so fast. She said she wanted to look at these earrings that she really wanted. And then I was like, “Oh, I have earrings like that” but when I showed her, they looked totally different and not like that at all. And then we left and we went down via the escalator (actually we went up) except I was going down the up and she was going up the up. And I saw Ivy! And I yelled her name and she yelled my name and then I asked her how long she would be around and I don’t remember what she said. And then I woke up.