I had to make a new category for this post! “I made this.”

Earlier this year I decided to make a web app of sorts to manage the contents of my refrigerator. It was something that Sophie and I (and a few others) had discussed in the past, how it’d be so useful in the new Internet of Things world. Alas, none of us have any app building experience, nor were we motivated enough to learn, so it kind of dropped off the radar for many months. But I got bored at work one day and decided just to start making it in PHP/SQL. Easy stuff, web languages are much easier for me than real programming languages, haha.

I mostly wanted an app to help me manage my leftovers and fridge contents; Sophie was looking for a database of what was in her pantry, fridge, etc., for when grocery shopping and finding recipes. So with those minimal requirements, I put together a simple database-thing.

I considered porting this over to a real Android app, but after two days of struggling with java and making literally zero progress on a tutorial, I decided that I really didn’t care if my little project became a real product and in the end it really my priority is me. Sorry to the population for not providing this Great Thing to your lives. Because I like it quite a bit and I’ve been using it regularly.

It’s still a tiny bit buggy and definitely not hack-proof or super secure, but who’s going to hack my list of fridge contents and grocery list?

And now here’s the link: Welcome to FRIDGIT!!! (Kind of a bit better via Chrome on an Android phone but ok on Desktop too.)

I’m sure it can handle a few more users, so if you’d like to play around (and quasi-help me troubleshoot) then comment below and I’ll send you an invite code. And/or please give feedback! And/or if you want to make this idea into a real app, then let me know, maybe I’ll buy it. Or hire you?


My obsession for kuri manju began after that class project in Japanese 3 in LHS where we had to make a video about how to make something (tsukurikata). My group (Hye Jin, Steph Wen, Rose) did HOW TO MAKE INSTANT RAMEN but someone else’s group did How to make kuri manju. So basically I ate some and it was delicious! And then again later in the year we went to a mochi-tsuki and learned how to make mochi. Yummm.

I finally went to Little Tokyo for the first time in months. First stop after lunch: Mikawaya! Last time I was in Seattle at the Japanese supermarket Uwajimaya, I saw packs of mochi from this store in Los Angeles. I thought it was a little bit ridiculous, but I guess this store really is that established and famous. I got a pack of 8 (kuri manju x 2, daifuku white, daifuku yomogi, green gyuhi, pink gyuhi, orange gyuhi, and suama). I got so many assorted ones so I could once an for all figure out wihch was my favorite… and the winners are kuri manju, pink gyuhi, and suama! I never was a huge fan of red bean, so I like the pink gyuhi for having white bean paste instead of red. Also it’s smooth paste instead of crushed whole beans. The suama is a thicker, dryer mochi paste, which reminds me of the rice cake dessert from Din Tai Fung. The texture is awesome and it’s just a little bit sweetened. Oh yeah, and while I was in the store, I got a mango mochi ice cream for $1. So fresh and so delicious! Tastier and about the same price as the pre-packaged ones you can buy from Asian supermarkets. But then I guess it wouldn’t last too long.

PS. Rewatching that video reminds me that I sucked at Japanese. Especially compared to the prodigies Rose and Hye Jin.

giver 1

I plan on doing a lot of this. I have way to much stuff, so I’m going to attempt to sell/give/donate as much as I can bare to part with in the next few months. It’s also kind of inspired by that person what was moving to the east coast and was selling ALL of their belongings online – documenting every item individually on a website.

Here is part one! If you have pierced ears or know anyone who does or maybe someday will or want any of these, please take them. I’m not listing any set prices for anything, because that takes too much brain power and this project isn’t really worth that much effort. Pay what you wish. I will ship it to where you are if you pay at least a buck. Otherwise, if you’re near me, just pick it up whenever :)

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